Darryn Azevedo grew up loving music and at 12, was a regular kid, enjoying what every kid his age listened to…hip hop and rap!  Urged by his friend in 2011 to take a music camp Darryn came face to face with the blues…a genre of music he had never heard before.  He was hooked and that’s how it all started!

Blues Camp, held at the Fender Center by Professor Fernando Jones from Columbia College, was a one-week free summer camp that brought kids together to study and perform blues music in ensembles.  After completing the one-week camp in Corona in 2011, Darryn was awarded a scholarship to attend a similar camp in Chicago.  The experience of playing keyboards and singing in a band was like no other experience Darryn had ever had.  He, along with 100 other kids ages 12 though 18, from different parts of the country, spent a week in Chicago studying and performing the blues, having fun and making life long friendships.

The Blues Camp experience enriched Darryn’s love of music and expanded his musical repertoire.  He returned home the summer of 2011 and started a band, calling it Detour91. The name of the band stemmed from them being kids, 12 through 16 playing the Blues which was a detour from the regular music kids their age listened to, and the band members all lived off the 91 freeway.  Five years later and sharing the stage with the likes of B.B.King, Leon Russell, Smash Mouth, Steve Tyrell and more, Detour91 continues to enjoy the blues while adding rock, funk and soul to their repertoire.

Detour91 supports Blues Kids of America and Blues Camp.  Blues Camp is free to all those who pass the audition. Blues Camps are held in Chicago, Corona, Los Angeles, Nashville, Memphis, Minneapolis, Hampton, Miami and internationally in Brazil, Italy, London, France and Japan.  In 2016, Blues Kids of America will provide tuition scholarships to over 250 students to attend Fernando Jones’ Blues Camp.  Blues Camp is a youth development system promoting global citizenship, academic excellence, discipline collegiality and musicianship.

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